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When thinking of doing cardio exercises, exercise bikes are one of the most popular go-to gym equipment that people prefer. Whether you are building your own home gym or investing in a commercial fitness centre, your workout space should not miss the presence of a stationary bike. And more often than not, most local gyms would sport upright exercise bikes available for their customers. What benefits can you get that you should opt for an upright exercise bike for your own home gym? Let Stationary Bike Australia show you the perks and advantages that you will get from this common and reliable exercise bike type.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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There are three main types of stationary exercise bikes: the upright, recumbent, and spin bikes. Let us find out how an upright exercise bike is different from the other two.

Recumbent Vs Upright Bike

Function. Although both exercise bikes deliver effective cardio workouts, upright bikes are considered to be more challenging and exciting to use. Why? Because with recumbent bikes, you are required to sit and lean on the backrest for added upper body support. With upright bikes, you can replicate how you use your outdoor bikes. You can sit straight on the customised seat, or you can stand while pedalling, resembling how you ride an outdoor bike when traversing an uphill climb or slope. This exercise bike requires more effort and strength to facilitate your cardio workout.

Comfort. As mentioned earlier, recumbent exercise bikes can be more comfortable in the sense that you have a wider seat and additional upper body support due to the back and armrests. However, many gym-goers still prefer using upright bikes so they can feel a similar challenge that they experience with outdoor cycling.

Outdoor feel. This is where an upright bike really excels compared to a recumbent exercise bike. Because the form, positioning, and effort that you exert in using the upright bike are similar to the traditional bikes you use outdoors, it is better to use this type than the recumbent one.

Space. Recumbent bikes are bulkier, making them require more space than other exercise bike types. Upright bikes, on the other hand, have several models and designs, making them fit any type and shape of gym space.

Upright Bike Vs Spin Bike

Primary use. While upright bikes are merely focused on providing a good and efficient cardio workout, spin bikes have a different function, and that is to train and prepare athletes and other sports enthusiasts for any upcoming competition, like grand tours or triathlons. Both resemble an outdoor exercise bike, but spin bikes are designed to replicate high-end track bikes. 

Injury risk. This factor may depend on the person using either exercise bike types. If the design of the exercise bike is the only variable, then spin bikes are considered safer because their flywheel creates a smoother ride. However, since this type of exercise bike is used for more progressive and challenging cycling activities, more gym-goers encounter accidents and injuries using a spin bike than the upright bike type. 

Progression. Both exercise bike types have similar speed and resistance adjustments. What makes them different is how you use these levels of intensity. While you can sit or stand while using both bikes, standing while pedalling in a spin bike is more allowable and ergonomically correct since the flywheel and the pedal steps can support your weight and stance better. This means that doing your uphill cycle ride can be more convenient and less awkward using the spin bike. However, you can also work out the same muscle groups whether you choose a spin bike or the trusted upright bike.

Features. Let’s admit it; some additional features on high-end exercise bikes are not really necessary when it comes to the calories burned and muscles strengthened and worked out. However, if you are the type of person who values additional perks to make your cardio exercise more comfortable and convenient, opting for an upright exercise bike is actually a better choice. Spin bikes do not have so many add-ons like a digital console, interactive monitor, sound system, and many more. Upright bikes, on the other hand, especially the latest models, boast so many additional specifications and features to help you enjoy and feel inspired to work out consistently. You can expect that the more interactive and packed the upright bike is with different functions and programs, the more expensive it would be.

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Why? Know your reasons for purchasing an upright exercise bike or any exercise bike type, for that matter. This way, you will be sure that the function of the cardio gym equipment that you choose would address your needs and preferences. 

Where? Find a decent space or area where you can place your upright bike. Your model or version may not be compatible with the space that you first decided to place it, so be sure that you considered all the variables that can affect your upright bike choice. This includes the measurement of the location (inside the house or in the garage), the noise your upright bike might produce when being used, the number of people who want to use it, and many more.

When? Decide if you want to purchase an exercise bike now or if it can wait. We suggest that if you want to maintain an active lifestyle, it is reasonable to get your own exercise bike now, considering the health crisis that we are experiencing for the past years. You and your family’s safety should always be a priority. So, wouldn’t it be nice to have your own gym in the protection and comfort of your own home? Now, no weather anomalies, viral outbreaks, or natural disasters would stop you from taking care of your health and fitness. 

How? Make sure that you are going to purchase your gym equipment from a trusted and reliable home gym equipment supplier, like Stationary Bike Australia. Our online store only carries high-quality products from trusted and well-reviewed manufacturers that create state-of-the-art and top of the line exercise bike models and accessories. We can promise that your safety and satisfaction are guaranteed. 

How much? As we mentioned earlier, upright bikes, especially the high-end and newest models, are filled with different features, programs, and functions that would make your cycling workout enjoyable, inspiring, and worthwhile. Research about different brands and models of upright exercise bikes and choose your main bets, those that address your personal preferences. Then contact Stationary Bike Australia so we can discuss further the specifications of each. Discussing your needs and requirements with our trained sales representative will surely enlighten you further and make it easier for you to choose the right upright bike for you and your family.