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Want an exercise bike that makes you feel well-supported and comfortable while giving you the optimum cardio workout you are aiming for? Then, a recumbent bike is definitely the one you need. Allow Stationary Bike Australia show you the benefits and perks of using this efficient and reliable fitness equipment, and show you reasons why a recumbent exercise bike is the best cardio machine for your home gym.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need Cardio Exercises?

Activities that raise your heart rate and breathing, as well as activate your whole body muscles are called cardio exercises. It varies depending on your preference, but you can do cardio workouts while running, jogging, swimming, playing active sports like basketball or football, or using gym machines like a recumbent exercise bike. But why is it important to do cardio exercises? Stationary Bike Australia lists down what you will be missing out if you don’t include this essential workout routine into your daily fitness sessions.

It is good for the heart and lungs. Working out using exercise bikes, for example, and maintaining the proper function of your heart and lungs can improve your blood circulation, lower your blood pressure, normalise your blood sugar, and balance your good and bad body fats or cholesterol. All of these when combined results to a healthier and livelier you!

It facilitates weight loss. One of the main reasons why we work out is because we want to shed those extra pounds. Cardio exercises typically work out the whole body, making you burn calories, convert that into energy, and allow you to remove those excess fats and weight. What comes out after every cardio exercise routine is a leaner, more toned, and flexible physique, something that everyone wants to have.

It improves your mental and psychological health. While using the stationary bike, have you ever caught yourself being in a zone, focused on nothing but getting fit? For some, working out is a sort of meditation, an opportunity to clear their minds off things that bother them. it sometimes is a way for us to concentrate and uplift ourselves, boosting our moods, and improving our brain function as well. Studies show that exercising, with an exercise bike, for example, can help the brain produce endorphins responsible for being the happy pill of the body, lightening our frame of mind and improving our way of thinking.

Why Use A Recumbent Exercise Bike?

Now that you are convinced that incorporating cardio exercises is essential to have a complete body workout, it is now the time to choose your cardio machine. Of all the available cardio gym equipment on the market, you may wonder, what makes a recumbent exercise bike stand out? Stationary Bike Australia gives you all the reasons why a recumbent bike is the cardio machine for you.

Recumbent bikes provide the workout requirements that you need. When you compare the look of a recumbent exercise bike to other cardio machines, you may underestimate its capacity to facilitate a powerful workout. However, studies show that a recumbent bike requires the same amount of effort and pressure on the lower body as what you will expect from any other exercise bike types. This means that using a recumbent bike will give the same benefits that you will get while using other types of cardio gym equipment. You can burn the same amount of calories to lose weight, work out your lower body, and still attain improved strength and flexibility when you use a recumbent bike.

Recumbent bikes support your whole body more. We must admit that one of the misconceptions that we have about cardio workouts is that we have to feel the pain to ensure that we are doing our exercises correctly. Some have the mentality best explained by the saying, ‘if you don’t hurt, you don’t burn.’ By using the recumbent exercise, in contrast, you can work out and reap the same benefits without sacrificing your safety and comfort. Compared to other exercise bikes, recumbent bikes have wider seats, making you feel comfortable while pedalling. A prominent description of a recumbent bike is that they have a back and arm support, allowing you to rest your back and arms and recline them while you are exercising your legs, hips, and core. This element is necessary for gym-goers who might have had injuries or encountered previous accidents related to their backs but would not want to skip working out. Having a cardio exercise machine that does not hurt or strain your back may help you reduce fatigue and eliminate the risk of re-injuring your back while performing your fitness program.

Recumbent bikes are safer to use. What makes a recumbent bike different from an upright type or a spin bike is the fact that the two latter exercise bike types resemble outdoor cycling a lot. This means that they have the option to sit or stand when cycling to replicate the feeling of an uphill track or a riding on a steep slope. When doing this, it may be considered a high-intensity workout, but the possibility of hurting yourself and risking injuries are also high. With a recumbent bike, there is only one position that you can ride, making it safer and less strenuous to your joints and bones.

Recumbent bikes can also be used for rehabilitative purposes. Patients who have neurological or back or spine problems who wanted to work on their lower leg range of motion, strength, and flexibility can safely take advantage of the cardio workout that they can get from the recumbent exercise bike.

Benefits For Wearing Compression Socks While Working Out

Gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts would definitely benefit from wearing compression stockings two ways; it will either boost their performance or help them work out safely while recovering from an injury.

Boost your Performance

Wearing compression socks can make you improve your workout routine since you would not worry too much about exerting too much effort and pressure on the legs. Compression socks improve the blood circulation in the body, letting your muscle tissues get the right nutrition and energy that they need to perform better. It also helps you absorb the vibration and stress that weight training or resistance exercises provide. When wearing compression socks, it also serves as a signal to your brain to maintain your balance and form while working out. It also motivates you to exert more force and effort while still maintaining the right amount of compression, so that even if you improve your performance, your safety is still prioritised.

Working out while Recovering

Though working out is ideal for your health and fitness, there will be instances that you will encounter accidents and injuries. What compression socks do is to help you work out safely by protecting the affected part while performing light exercise routines. Symptoms of muscle aches and pains, while injured, will be reduced because the socks or compression garments support the muscles while you do your rehab or physiotherapy exercises.

How To Choose A Recumbent Bike

Just like many home gym equipment that you would want to get, there are many factors that you should consider when choosing a recumbent bike. Here are some of the tips and reminders Stationary Bike Australia generously imparts to our valued customers when searching for their own recumbent exercise bike to address their individual needs.

Your Space. Are you planning on renovating your garage into a full-fledged fitness haven? Or are you just occupying a tiny area of your living room or office? This decision directly affects which recumbent bike would suit you because compared to other stationary bikes recumbent types are bulkier. To be sure, measure the space first and decide which essential gym equipment and accessories you are getting so you can plan out your space efficiently.

The Users. Who will be using the exercise bike? Is it just you, or do you have younger and older family members who would require using this safe and effective exercise machine? You should also take into consideration their needs and opt for a recumbent bike that can adjust its functions and intensity levels, as well as their seat and handle positions to cope with the needs of the user.

The Features. While the main function of a recumbent bike is to provide a safe and comfortable cardio workout exercise, some would want to take their workout experience to another level by requiring some additional features. Sound system, wireless connectivity, interactive monitors, ergonomic handles and seats, or convenient holders for books, phones, or water bottles may be things that you can look for when choosing your machine.

Your Budget. It is not surprising that most exercise machines, whether for home or commercial and public use, would cost you serious bucks. It is then very important that you set your budget to know how much you are willing to spend for your home gym without touching your savings. Set your priorities straight, and focus on choosing a recumbent bike that offers the necessary features to achieve your fitness goals.

Excited to own a recumbent bike? Visit and contact our online store Stationary Bike Australia to know the best options, brands, and models, that you can choose from. We assure you that our products are all of superior quality so that we can ensure our client’s safety and satisfaction.