Best Stationary Bike In Australia: The Ultimate List

best stationary bike

What makes a good cardio exercise count? Is it the calories you burn? The weight loss you have achieved? The improved cardiovascular health? The impressive development of your strength and performance?

We, at Stationary Bike Australia, say that one needs to achieve all these to effectively say that they have a working and efficient cardio exercise regimen. You can accomplish this if you successfully find and choose the right home gym equipment to address your health and fitness needs, like getting the best stationary bike.


Editorial Picks

Let’s face it, getting a stationary bike does not seem too complicated. Just buy one that fits the space of your home gym, and costs just within your budget, and you are all set. But, when you look online or choose in physical stores, you will certainly be bombarded with hundreds and hundreds of brands and models that promise the same things – efficiency, power, and quality.

How should you pick the best stationary bike? Does it have to have all the tech-savvy connectivity? Foldable and compact, or bulky and heavy-duty? Does it have to imitate outdoor cycling, or should it preserve your comfort and safety? The key features of the best stationary bike should all depend on one factor – your needs.

Here are some of the many high-quality stationary bikes that our online store carries. We handpicked the best among the best so we can help you decide which one fits your fitness needs, requirements, and preference.

Best Overall: Matrix CXC Spin Bike

“If stability and adjustability top your requirements for an ideal stationary bike, look no further than the Matrix CXC spin bike. With intuitive adjustments and sturdy steel frame to accommodate powerful and game-changing workouts, the Matrix CXC got you covered.”

Best Upright Bike: Matrix U30 XER Upright Bike

“From a brand that has been known to supply high-quality commercial and home gym equipment comes an upright bike that caters to low to intermediate cardio cycling workouts! Quiet, robust, and packed with exclusive connectivity -things you would want to have in a dependable stationary bike at home!”

Best Spin Bike: Horizon GR7 Spin Bike

“Want to get the spin bike that can adjust to any gym-goer in the family? Horizon’s top-of-the-line model has the adaptability level that you do not normally see in spin bikes, making it ideal for anyone in the family who wants to stay fit and healthy!”

Best Recumbent Bike: Matrix R30 XER

“If you consider cardio workouts to be beneficial but accident-prone, getting this recumbent bike may just be the one for you. Enjoy the advantages of staying fit and healthy at home without straining or overworking your back, calves, and legs! Matrix R30 XER gives you the security and comfort that you need!”

Best Alternative: Orbit Desk Rider

“No space for a stationary bike? Too busy working at home that you seldom leave your seat? Take advantage of that and use the Orbit desk rider! Now, you can concentrate on work while keeping yourself fit and alert!”

Best Budget: Everfit Spin Exercise Bike Cycling Fitness Commercial Home Workout Gym Black

“Bad weather? Pandemic? Environmental anomalies? Low budget? Say goodbye to excuses that limit you from working out! Now that you have an Everfit exercise bike in your home gym, worry no more about everything that’s happening outside your house and focus on maintaining and improving your health and fitness!”

Best Hybrid Stationary BikeOrbit Hybrid Mag Trainer 2.0

“Get the best cardio exercise workout by combining the stationary bike with a rowing machine! Now you can take advantage of making sure you can have all the cardio workout variations you need to enjoy and motivate yourself to work out at home!”


Best Stationary Bikes: Our Top Picks

Matrix CXC Spin Bike

Matrix CXC spin bike

If you are looking for your one and only stationary bike you will need to withstand your different workout levels for the rest of your life, the Matrix CXC spin bike may be the one for you. Matrix packed one of their top commercial-grade spin bike models with all the things you would need for your home workouts, and more!


  • Uses magnetic resistance for a quiet cycling experience without sacrificing your need for challenge
  • Offers optimised ergonomics that put together an imitative and realistic outdoor cycling feel
  • Lets you connect to social media platforms and other online training workout programs
  • Lasting warranty from the frame, services, and parts!


  • One of the more expensive spin bikes in the market


Matrix U30 XER Upright Bike


The Matrix brand worked hard to achieve the popularity and favour that it has now. People choose Matrix bikes for 3 reasons: quality, service, and relationship — something that the U30 XER upright bike has.


  • The most affordable upright bike from Matrix’s high-end series
  • Has adjustable height, seat, console, and resistance to suit any gym user’s workout needs and preference.
  • Made with a strong steel frame with a lifetime warranty. Talk about long-lasting use and benefits.
  • Features several exclusive programming to help you enjoy and monitor your workout (ViaFit, Sprint8, and Passport-Ready)


  • Great for home use but lacks in small details (no cooling fans, lower flywheel weight, LCD console, etc.)


Horizon GR7 Spin Bike


This is one of Horizon’s top-of-the-line spin bike models. It has a beautiful design, specifically on the wheels where they placed a safety border so no injury can happen around the machine during your workout. It also has superb adjustability for this model, from the height of the handlebars, the seat, the level of magnetic resistance, the reach, and up to the slightest detail.


  • Uses magnetic resistance for whisper-quiet workout experience at home or work.
  • Has a 3-piece crank with interchangeable dual-sided pedals to let you choose which would make your cardio footing more comfortable.
  • Reliable workout equipment whether for typical cardio to high-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Made with a robust frame that can accommodate a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.


  • One of the more expensive spin bikes in the market


Matrix R30 XER


If you do not want to sacrifice comfort and stability when intensifying your cardio exercise, and you have family members who still want to work out but could not handle rigorous ones, Matrix R30 XER fits the bill perfectly. Get the benefits of staying fit while feeling supported and safe, thanks to R30 XER’s Dual Form step-through frame design that distributes the weight to safely maximise your body and movement support.


  • Has high-back bike seat that lets you feel supported and cushioned while performing your cardio
  • Uses quiet and durable magnetic braking and resistance, typical with high-end bike models
  • Built with a 6-inch touch screen console with 10 pre-programmed workouts, and compatible connections with different apps
  • Has Matrix recumbent bike straps ideal for self-balancing and security


  • The bike may look compact but is too bulky to be portable or foldable.


Orbit Desk Rider


Working from home lets you lead a sedentary lifestyle – stuck at a desk, working overtime, and not getting enough exercise the whole day. Not with the Orbit Desk Rider! Now, you can keep fit while reaching deadlines and working on a schedule. Use it as a portable stationary bike alternative, or put it on a desk so you can hand pedal for an effective arm, back, and shoulder workout!


  • The design is compact. The body is lightweight and portable, you can bring it anywhere you go!
  • Has different resistance levels to level up your workout before, during, or after work!
  • Does not use electricity; energy saving, hassle-free, and convenient workout sessions
  • Good for lower or upper fitness workouts


  • Benefits may not be as productive and impressive when compared to standard stationary bikes


Everfit Spin Exercise Bike Cycling Fitness Commercial Home Workout Gym Black

Everfit Spin Exercise Bike

We all have an excuse to skip working out. Meeting deadlines so you’re too busy, hectic schedule so pressed with time, no extra money so can’t afford buying your home gym equipment, and more recently, worldwide pandemic so you can’t go outside. Well, the Everfit spin exercise bike got that all figured out for you. Worry no more about your budget, schedule, and work because we got convenience and affordability right inside your home!


  • One of the most affordable stationary bikes in Australia, if not the whole world!
  • Made with a commercial-grade steel frame for strength and sturdiness
  • The adjustable drive system, resistance, seat height and distance, handlebar height, and console
  • Standard monitor that can check your distance, speed, calories, and pulse


  • With a flywheel of 8kg, expect a less smooth drive compared to bikes with a heavier flywheel


Orbit Hybrid Mag Trainer 2.0  


If you have a limited workout space, and you want to get home gym equipment that you can use for multiple exercise routines, then Orbit’s Hybrid Mag Trainer 2.0 may just do it for you. This amazing fitness machine resembles and carries recumbent bike and rowing machine features that make you enjoy 2 cardio machines in one! Save time, effort, space, and money with this efficient and dependable home gym equipment!


  • Perform your cardio and strengthening exercises using one powerful home gym equipment
  • Row, bike, stretch, tone, and perform Pilates movements for better fitness benefits
  • Has 8 resistance levels that let you work out whether you want to increase or decrease your resistance and intensity.
  • Its versatility is unheard of; switch from cardio to strengthening or stretching for flexibility and range of motion – using nothing but one home gym equipment.


  • Though the machine is foldable and has wheels for transport, its weight hinders you from moving it after use.


What are the Key Features of a Stationary Bike?

When looking for the most ideal stationary bike for you and your home gym, there are factors that you should watch out for when considering your choice. Yes, you should also take note of the cost and the space of your home gym. You wouldn’t want to get a stationary bike that doesn’t fit your area and would leave you deep in debt, right? But, here are the main features of a stationary bike that you should think about before purchasing the best.

Type of stationary bike

cardio exercise stationary bikeEssentially, stationary bikes have three types: the upright, recumbent, and spin bike.

Upright bike

An upright bike is the standard exercise bike that we see in several home gyms and fitness establishments that offer effective cardio workouts.

Spin bike

Spin bikes are those bikes that offer realistic outdoor cycling feel where you can ride the bike while standing or sitting.

Recumbent bike

Recumbent bikes, on the other hand, work well with older gym-goers or people who have had previous injuries who want to exercise but could not do it on a regular stationary bike. While the former gives you the same intensity and resistance as an outdoor bike, the latter provides the best support and comfort.


Now that so many gym-goers prefer to have the best of all these three could provide, manufacturers came up with different innovations, dual-action bikes, interactive ones, foldable ones, and even desk riders which are alternatives to the regular stationary bikes. Know the different benefits and takeaways of each so you can ensure you got the best.


Rule of thumb: the heavier the flywheel, the smoother and more comfortable the ride. Many gym experts and trainers opt to use weight flywheels located at the front of the bike so they can offer the best results.


Not all high-quality stationary bikes have a front flywheel, but that does not mean that they are less of a choice. This fact paves the way for magnetic resistance as an alternative for a smooth and intensifying ride. You can also choose among air, fan-based, flywheel, or direct-contact resistance sources you would want, but most high-quality exercise bikes use magnetic resistance for a whisper-quiet cardio experience.


See to it that the exercise bikes can handle you and your family’s size, weight, and height. It should have adjustable seats, handlebars, pedals, and consoles so as to ensure your comfort and convenience during your cardio workout.


If you have FOMO (‘fear of missing out’), choose a stationary bike that has all the capability of connecting to different social media apps and online training programs to help you feel inspired and motivated to work out. But if you are the type who wants to work out simply in peace and the comfort of your house, then you will find a standard exercise bike as ideal. Just remember that the more high-tech your stationary bike is, the more expensive it gets.


How Much Is A Typical Stationary Bike?

stationary bike pedalsWe mentioned earlier that the size of your home gym and the cost of your exercise bike should always get a part in the main consideration list. So, it is just right that we determine how much we need to expect a stationary bike to cost. This helps us allot a budget, especially in building your home gym.

The cost of a stationary bike depends on the features it has. Buying a cheap, three-digit stationary bike can give you a basic piece of equipment. Steel frame, heavier build, lesser resistance levels, and technological connectivity. For a standard stationary bike to level up, you would have to buy separate parts to improve its use, like bottle holders, LCD consoles, better pedals, etc.

When you buy a thousand-dollar exercise bike, it should have all the features and specifications that an expensive bike should have. Better resistance, smoother ride, lighter frame, better connection, more intricate and thought-of details that would justify the price.



Stationary Bike Australia is strictly implementing stiff rules and regulations when it comes to its investigative procedures. It has performed well-organised surveys and interviews based on client preference and expert opinions. Stationary Bike Australia also makes sure that peer reviews and product studies from reputable gym establishments and manufacturers are sourced out without bias and with fair judgment.



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